XooCash - is a payment system which combines a non-banking Payment Service Providers and Emoney Institutions for payment exchanging within this system.

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How it works?

    Each PSP member receives their own PSP ID from which XOO account numbers can be generated for their customers.

    A PSP member can assign one or more XOO-IDs to customer accounts.

    Payment to the address of a specific XOO-ID will be available to all PSP members.

System capabilities

    You can credit the payment to the beneficiary's account according to the specified XOO-ID

    You can credit the payment to the recipient's account using a unique QR code.

    A request can be made to deduct funds from member accounts and to deduct funds from member accounts.

How to get involved?

You can contact any PSP that works with the XooCash system from the list, or you can apply for a connection on our website.

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