XooCash - is a payment system that brings together non-bank payment service providers and E-Money institutions to exchange payments with this system.

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What is XooCash

    Payment mechanism alternative to bank cards

    Independence from a specific PSP. The system is built in such a way that Kommersant does not depend on each specific payment operator. You can easily change the PSP that serves you to another, or use 2 or more at the same time, without additional complications for the user.

    Unified technical integration

    There is no need to sign contracts with a variety of payment systems. By signing an agreement for accepting payments with one of the PSPs operating on the XooCash system, you will be able to accept payments from users of any payment systems operating on XooCash.

How it works?

    By signing an agreement for participation in the system, you receive your own MID (Merchant identification number), on the basis of which you generate each of your users their own unique XOO-ID and display it in the user's personal account on your project

    By signing an agreement with any PSP for collection services through XooCash, any payment received on the user's XOO-ID will go to your account in this PSP

    Information about this payment will come online from the XooCash system using the appropriate protocol

    Financial settlements will be carried out with the PSP with which you signed an agreement, on the terms specified in your agreement

    You can easily have an agreement with several PSPs, in this case XooCash will choose the best route for payment

How to get involved?

You can contact any PSP that works with the XooCash system from the list, or you can apply for a connection on our website.

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