XOOCASH - is a payment system which combines a non-banking Payment Service Providers and Emoney Institutions for payment exchanging within this system.

XOOCASH — is not a finance organization, but is a standard for finance report exchange between PSP-members (participants). All the financial calculations are carried out directly between the licensed XOOCASH members.

Unique standard of XOO-Account number

Similarly to IBAN every PSP member can generate XOOCASH accounts to his clients


Unified system of account details of the end customer

Cheapest way

Payment through XOOCASH chooses the best way! If you interact with several payment providers, the optimal path can be configured through XOOCASH . Best alternative payment method for Merchants Signing a contract with one of PSP members, a Mechant gets a possibility to receive payments from all the PSP members

How It works ?

  1. Every PSP member gets his own PSP identification number, on the base of which one can generate XOO-Account numbers for his clients.
  2. A PSP member can assign one or many XOO-ID to the client`s accounts.
  3. Payment to the address of a certain XOO-ID will be available from all the PSP members.

System possibilities.

  1. Credit payment to the receiver`s account according to the indicated XOO-ID
  2. Credit payment to the receiver`s account via QR-code of a unique standard.
  3. Request to debit member account and debiting funds from member`s accounts.